Luxury Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner Data 116618LN Knockoff Watches For Recommendation

Submariner collection is popular on the market. This collection is the most common one. The Submariner watches are divided into two types. One has date indicators and one doesn’t have. Today’s model is a Rolex Submariner Date. The fancy Rolex Submariner replica watches are powered by Cal. 313, self-winding mechanical movements manufactured by Rolex. The calibre has a great precision, ensuring to pass the Swiss COSC test. Since the movements are equipped with blue Parachrom hairsprings, they have a better resistance to shocks and other extreme conditions.

The accurate movements can save about 48 hours. The new Rolex Submariner copy watches come with a 40mm yellow gold case. It’s a perfect size for gentleman. The Oyster cases are equipped with black 60-minute graduated bezels, made from ceramic. The bezels can be rotated unidirectionally, to make sure the divers can calculate the time precisely under water. The numerals and graduations on the bezels are coated with 18ct yellow gold. The cases are also covered by the anti-scratch sapphire glasses.

The hands and the hour markers are coated with long-lasting luminescence on the black dials, offering a good readability under the dark conditions. Centrally mounted three hands are made from yellow gold too. Then there is a date window set at 3 o’clock. Thanks to the Rolex traditional Oyster architecture, Swiss automatic movements Rolex fake watches have a great water resistance, even at a depth of 300m.