Did The Charming Replica Rolex Day-Date Watches Popular Because Of President Eisenhower?

There is no doubt that the fake Rolex Day-Date watch is the most classic watch of Rolex, that can be said that, not just for the history of Rolex but also for the whole watch history that is occupies the landmark significance. The replica Rolex Day-Date also has another name: the President table. It is said that this replica Rolex Day-Date watch was popular for wearing by the America President Eisenhower (1953-1960).

It is worthy of the title President watches for the Rolex Day-Date watches, a few former Presidents, like Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon… and the head of many other countries all had worn the replica Rolex Day-Date watches. For people who though that the fake Rolex Day-Date watches were popular for wearing by Eisenhower think that Rolex had given a Rolex watch in order to commemorate the reappointment in 1956, that just was the replica Rolex Day-Date watch. So the gold case fake Rolex Day-Date watches was called as the President watch just for the President Eisenhower.

This excellent fake Rolex watch, from the appearance, that can see the dazzling gold case, scale, pointer and bracelet, from the performance, that adopted the self-winding movement, providing the enough power.

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