Why Are Rolex Daytona Replica Watches Sold By Extremely High Price?

There were two gold case copy Rolex Daytona appearing on the auctions recently. The estimated price of the first one was 120,000-195,000 HKD while the second one was 800,000-1200,000 HKD. Both the two Daytona are with gold case, gold bezel and gold bracelet, but why do the prices vary enormously?

The estimated price of this Rolex is 120,000-195,000 HKD.

Gold Bracelet Rolex Daytona Fake Watch

The reason why this Daytona is so expensive is due to the special ceramic dial.

Precious Rolex Copy Ref.16528

If looking carefully, you will find the secret on the dial. The detail on the dial determines it. The line spacing of the Cosmograph and officially certified on the second Daytona is bigger than the first one, which may be the most expensive distance in the world. In fact, comparing to the ordinary Daytona, the dial of the perfect fake Rolex watch is made of the ceramic, exuding a distinctive visual effect.

Due to the expensive cost of production, the white ceramic dial imitation watch is very rare according to the data. There are only 200 pieces in the world now, which perfectly explains why the price is so high.

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