Top Quality Automatic Rolex Replica Watches With Colorful Stella Dials

This year Rolex replica launches many new Oyster Perpetual in colorful dials, causing a heat in watchmaking industry and attracting numerous young men and women. However, Rolex has launched the famous colorful watches as early as in 1970s.

The colorful Rolex Day-Date replica watches are with high cost performance.

Rolex Day-Date Replica With Stella Dials

The colorful dials were prepared for Day-Date at first. During 1970s and 1980s, Rolex released famous Stella dials Rolex Day-Date replica with automatic movement. In addition to Day-Date, there are several models of Datejust adopting these colorful dials.

What’s Stella?

In product catalog of Rolex in 1970s, these colorful dials are called as Lacquered Stella. Rolex’s colored lacquer is manually mixed and sprayed layer by layer and colored layer by layer. Because of the texture of the lacquer, it looks very similar to enamel. Rolex has created rich colors including green, light green, blue, Tiffany blue, gradient blue, orange red, brown red, pink, yellow and so on. These gold cases fake Rolex look noble and dynamic.

The dials of fake Rolex Day-Date are very rich.

Luxury Rolex Day-Date Knockoff Watches

But in the history, these colorful dials Rolex had not attracted more watch lovers. But people who can afford the Day-Date watches were always mature. So they prefer the traditional white, black and silver editions. The production of Rolex Day-Date is very low, the dial is prone to cracks and other damage. Therefore, these antique Rolex Day-Date is very rare.