Marlon Brando’s Replica Rolex GMT-Master Ref.1675 Will Be Auctioned By Phillips

Phillips held the “GAME CHANGERS” theme auction to auction a precious fake Rolex GMT-Master ref.1675 of Marlon Brando, who was the Oscar winner. He had ever worn it in the movie “Apocalypse Now”.

The timepiece is precious and significant.

Black Dial Rolex GMT-Master Ref.1675 Replica

Marlon Brando has always kept the perfect copy Rolex till 1995 and then it was given to his daughter – Petra Brando. But it will be sold by Phillips in December this year.

The signature of M. Brando was engraved in person by himself.

Black Rubber Strap Copy Rolex

The highlight of this knockoff watch with Oystersteel case must be the bezel and case back. The bezel has been removed and the signature of “M. Brando” that Marlon Brando engraved in person on the back. It has been preserved very well. Petra and Russel hope that the public will remember the great contribution that Brando made for the film industry.

Solving The Puzzles Of Rolex Bezel – Looking At Those Charming Fake Rolex Watches With Different Bezel

The popularity of Rolex is largely due to its bezel, that can be said as changeable: ceramic, gradual, fluted… So many kinds, of course, that also need to classify well! Therefore, the second position of the number of Rolex watch is left to the bezel!

In a serial number, except the series, the penult number among the serial number that represents the type of the bezel. Number from 0 to 6 represents different bezels; And different from the number which represents the series, bezel only used one number as a representation, specific as follows:

0: Polished – without too much decoration, just polished.

Polished Bezel Fake Rolex Air-King Watches

1: Finely Engine Turned – generally refers to the bezel of the delicate replica Rolex GMT Master watches, with the plane words.

Finely Engine Turned Bezel Replica Rolex GMT Master Watches

2: Engine Turned – generally refers to the bezel of the white dial fake Rolex Explorer watches, with the raised words.

Engine Turned Bezel Fake Rolex Explorer Watches

3: Flute – grooves.

Flute Bezel Replica Rolex Datejust Watches

4: Hand Crafted – nothing special to explain just manual sculpture (the bezel of Rolex mostly hand-made).

Hand Crafted Bezel Fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watches

5: Pyramid – just look like a Pyramid.

Pyramid Bezel Replica Rolex Day-Date Watches

6: Rotating Bezel – this bezel special designed for fake Rolex diver watches.

Rotating Bezel Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II Watches

Rolex GMT-Master II Gold Dial Replica Watches

As an extremely rare and attractive watch of Rolex,the GMT-Master II Gold Dial Diamonds Ruby Sapphire watches are regarded as unique treasures in present market.Now,the cheap Rolex GMT-Master II Gold Dial Diamonds Ruby Sapphire watches are for sale.Rolex GMT-Master II Gold Dial Diamonds Ruby Sapphire_

From the outside of the fake Rolex GMT-Master II Gold Dial Diamonds Ruby Sapphire watches,we can find that the 40mm-diameter case made in 18k yellow gold is shown on a yellow-gold bracelet with diamonds.In fact,this collocation makes the watch elegant and exquisite.Besides the diamonds,there is no doubt that the most striking part of the timepiece is the rotating bezel adorned with rubies and sapphires.Of course,the gold dial set with ordered diamonds is also absolutely stunning.In addition,the instrument is waterproof to 100M with sapphire glass.Rolex GMT Master II Gold Dial Diamonds Ruby Sapphire 1_

Equipped with excellent automatic movements that are made in Swiss,the copy Rolex GMT-Master II Gold Dial Diamonds Ruby Sapphire watches are guaranteed to enjoy high accuracy and long life.Rolex GMT Master II Gold Dial Diamonds Ruby Sapphire 2_