US 1969 Luxury Replica Rolex Explorer Ref. 1016 ‘Frog’s Foot’ Watches

The range within the world of vintage Swiss movements replica watches is continuously surprising. Be it AAA Rolex replica purse watches that doubles as a table clock or a Juvenia Architect with sextant-stylized hands, there is always something new and radically different to discover.

The Rolex Explorer ref. 1016 is perfect Rolex fake watches I didn’t appreciate until later in life – and at this point the super clone watches for sale has really appreciated, too! I was always in the mindset that anything under 39mm was too small. About five or six years ago, this all changed. I realized after trying on a bunch of sub-39mm replica watches online wholesale, and even buying a few, that I was comfortable with wearing around 34mm at the smallest end. It’s funny, I own a Tudor Ranger, which is one of my favorite best quality fake watches, that measures in at 34mm, so when I try on a ref. 1016 now it seems substantial on my wrist.

The 1016 we are offering today has one of the nicest dials I have seen in a long time. The matte black is just so nice and clean and the lume has aged to that gorgeous buttery yellow – giving it a quintessential vintage vibe. I love the “frog’s foot” coronet on the dial that can be found on these Mark I Explorers, it’s a detail I never get tired of. It just reminds me of how inconsistent 1:1 Swiss copy Rolex watches was back in the day and it makes me laugh, because the modern ones are – for the most part – just so precise. I have been toying with the idea of trying to get the new modern 36mm top US replica Rolex Explorer watches that Rolex just came out with (again), but once I handle this vintage one it makes that idea go out the window.

The high quality fake Rolex Explorer ref. 1016 watches is arguably the perfect imitation watches shop, appropriate for all occasions. You can wear it dressy or casual and even throw it on a NATO or leather strap for a whole new look. I love how versatile it can be while also effortlessly classic.

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